Automate Repetitive Tasks

Repetitive tasks which occur on a frequent basis must be automated.


Repetitive tasks such as deployment and testing that are manual are slow and prone to error. These tasks can be performed quickly, reliably and consistently by computers and should, therefore, be automated.


  • Automation requires an upfront and on-going investment that rapidly pays off but must be balanced with delivering business value
  • Software and processes that are difficult to automate will need to be changed or replaced if, they require too much effort or are not amenable to being automated.
  • The process of setting up a development machine in order to write code must be automated.
  • Automation scripts must be treated as first class citizens and conform to all these engineering principles.
  • Automation scripts help document your system and how it is put together


  • AMO - automated reports
  • Clarity reminders
  • Abinitio
  • Build processes - running tests.

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