Build Differentiators

If functionality is a differentiator for the Partnership then we should build over buy and/or customise. Also check if there is an existing system that can be used rather than building a new one


Customisation of COTs packages can be costly in comparison to building equivalent functionality. It also has a longer standing impact of the future pace of change maintaining and developing on top of frequently complex customisations that requires specialist knowledge.


  • Extract what we can from existing COTs packages
  • New functional differentiators should be developed outside of COTs packages.
  • Use COTS for what they are good for and compose systems around them.
  • Legacy systems may need to have a wrapper layer so it can be strangled and replaced in the future

Points for discussion

  • Do you consider this when choosing the technology?
  • Google cloud or elasticsearch is an example of buy
  • Do you reinvent the wheel building systems already out there?

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